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\   This documentation was compiled and written on 03/30/90 at 7:00pm.   /

[0.0] CONTENTS -----------------------------------------------------------

Section       Subject
=======       ============================================================
  0.0         Contents - You're fuckin' looking at it!

  1.0         Introduction.

  1.1         Files - Description of, Use of, etc...

  1.2         Running NUA Attacker.

  1.3         Setting up your scan.

  1.4         Setting up your modem.

  1.5         Scanning, Status Screen.

  1.6         Credits, Conclusion, P/H/A.
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[1.0] INTRODUCTION -------------------------------------------------------

        Well, this is the first original P/H/A Release.  NUA Attacker was
programmed in Turbo C v2.0 by Doctor Dissector.  The purpose of NUA
attacker is to call SprintNet and scan NUAs. The range of NUAs to be
scanned, of course, are provided by the user of the program. In the
accompanying file, SND390.TXT, there is a list of NEARLY all the SprintNet
dialups in the U.S.A.  Refer to it for your nearest dialup.  This program
also includes mouse support for an increase in the ease of use.  Any and
all bugs found should be reported to any P/H/A member, namely Doctor
Dissector, Dark Helmet, Killer Korean, or Anonymous Anarchist.  Now onto
the procedures and use of NUA Attacker.


[1.1] FILES --------------------------------------------------------------

        In the ZIP file you should have got the following files:

          NUAA.EXE     - Main Program
          NUAA.DOC     - Documentation (You're reading it now!)
          SND390.TXT   - List of SprintNet Dialups.

     NUA Attacker will create the following files:

             NUAA.CFG  - NUAA's current attack/modem configuration.
          NUAFILE.PHA  - List of NUAs that NUA Attacker connected to.
          LOGFILE.PHA  - List of NUAs that NUA Attacker did not connect to.

                         This file also shows the response code NUA
                         Attacker received.

          * NOTE: The NUAfile and the Logfile filenames can be changed.

     These are the files that NUA Attacker will use.  NUAFILE.PHA and
LOGFILE.PHA are both ASCII compatible text files, so you can TYPE these
files to view them or use LIST or anything of the sort. In addition, if
the filename given already exists, any data to that filename will be
appended at the EOF mark in the existing file.


[1.2] RUNNING NUAA -------------------------------------------------------

     To run NUA Attacker enter the following.

          C:\>NUAA [/I]

The '/I' option will allow you to run NUA Attacker without it initializing
the modem before scanning.  When you go to "Begin attack," NUAA will begin
scanning, so if you had logged onto a system previously, you should be
logged onto SprintNet, and at the '@' prompt.


[1.3] SCAN SETUP ---------------------------------------------------------

     Setting up your scan can be done by going to the 'Setup attack' option
on the top selection bar.  The options that follow selecting this option
are as follows:

          Phone Number   - SprintNet Dialup number (SND390.TXT).
          Starting NUA** - NUA to begin scanning at.
          Ending NUA**   - NUA to terminate scanning at.
          Timeout        - Time (seconds) to wait for response from NUA.
          Log filename   - Name of file to output any non-connections and
                           error messages.
                            (LOGFILE.PHA, Default)
          NUA filename   - Name of file to output any connecting NUAs.
                            (NUAFILE.PHA, Default)
          Decimals*      - Enable/Disable Decimal scanning.

* Notes on Decimals.

     Most of those are self-explanatory except Decimals.  SprintNet also
uses NUAs with the format XXXXXX.XX.  NUA Attacker supports the scanning of
decimals also.  For example, if you put the following:

          Starting NUA: 619100.10
            Ending NUA: 619200.10

NUA Attacker will start with 619100.10 and the next NUA to scan would be
619100.11, then 619100.12, etc...  SprintNet only supports decimals to the
hundredths digit.
     While in the 'Setup attack' window, there are some valid hotkeys.
They are:

          ESC            - Abort setup.
          ALT-S          - Save setup to memory.
          Cursor Keys    - Scroll through fields.

     When you are done setting up your scan, you might want to save the
setup to disk also (not only temporary memory). This can be done by
entering the 'File commands' and selecting the 'Save options' option.
The attack setup and modem parameters are saved in the same file also,
so this command will also save the current modem parameters to disk.

     Also, if you fuck up your setup by accident, but haven't saved it
to disk yet, you can restore your setup that is saved to disk by entering
the 'File commands' and choosing the 'Load options' option.  This also
goes for the modem parameters.

** Notes on NUA format:

     The format of the NUA when entering it in the setup fields must be
done in a certain way.  For example, if you put:

          Starting NUA: 6191      *WRONG*
            Ending NUA: 619100    *RIGHT*

would do start at 6191, then go up to 6199, but then it will skip to 6200.
Therefore, you must do the following:

          Starting NUA: 619001    *RIGHT*
            Ending NUA: 619100    *RIGHT*

The point is, the two fields should be the same length.


[1.4] MODEM SETUP --------------------------------------------------------

     Selecting the 'Modem parameters' will take you to a window with the
following information in it:

          COM Port       - Port that your modem is on.
          Baud Rate      - Baud Rate to connect to SprintNet with.
                           300, 1200, 2400, or 9600 ONLY.
          Initialization - Initialization string to send before scanning.
                           This is totally Hayes Compatible.
          Dial Prefix    - Prefix to use before sending the phone number
                           to the modem.
          Dial Suffix    - Character to send after the phone number is
                           sent to the modem. Usually a carrige return or
                           extra if calling through a PBX.
          Hangup         - String to send to modem to hangup.

The same hotkeys apply to this window as do to the 'Setup attack' window.
Also, the methods for saving these values to disk are outlined in the
'Setup attack' section of these dox. The rest of the options in this
section are all self-explanatory so I won't go into detail on them.  If you
don't know what the fuck is going on, then quit using this and go to hell!


[1.5] SCANNING -----------------------------------------------------------

     OK, now to the good part, actually scanning something.  Choosing the
'Begin attack' option on the top status bar will tell NUA Attacker to
commence the scan.  The order of operations when you select 'Begin attack'
is as follows:

          1. Initializes Modem.
          2. Dials SprintNet Dialup entered in 'Setup attack.'
          3. Waits for 'TERMINAL=' prompt and enters 'D1'
               NOTE: 'D1' means a personal computer has connected.
          4. Waits for '@' prompt.
          5. Begins scanning from 'Starting NUA' entered in 'Setup attack.'

When it finishes scanning the desired NUAs, NUA Attacker will hangup the
phone, then it will end the attack.  There are also some hotkeys you can
use while NUA Attacker is scanning.  They are:

          ALT-B          - Sends a BREAK signal to SprintNet.  This may be
                           necessary to break out of some manual scanning
                           on SprintNet.
          ALT-H          - Send hangup string to modem, place NUAA in PAUSE
          ALT-X          - Hangup modem and exit attack.  If you exit the
                           attack before the last NUA has been scanned,
                           NUAA will save your configuration with the
                           starting NUA as the last NUA NUAA has scanned
                           during the session you just killed. This allows
                           you to continue the scan without changing values
                           at a later date.
          ESC            - Pause scan.  This will enable you to enter
                           anything you need to while still online.  This
                           just transfers control from NUA Attacker to the
                           user, or makes NUAA a dumb terminal.

     The status screen is the bottom window on your screen.  It contains
the following information:

          Starting NUA   - NUA that NUA Attacker started scanning at.
          Ending NUA     - NUA that NUA Attacker will end with.
          Connections    - Number of connections found on the current scan.
          Current NUA    - NUA that NUA Attacker is currently scanning.
          Log            - Logfile filename.
          NUA            - NUAfile filename.

     In addition, the very last line on your screen contains some other
information that may be useful.  It contains:

          Time/Elapsed   - Gives current REAL time and the elapsed time on
                           the current scan.  These are separated by a '/'.
          Status         - Gives current response code and/or modem
          Last           - Gives the last response code and/or modem

     Some PADs have a hard time connecting at higher baud rates for some
fucked up reason, so if you run into one that just fucks all hell out of
your computer, try logging on at a lower baud rate.  This happens
especially with 2400 and up.  Try 1200 and below.


[1.6] CONCLUSION ---------------------------------------------------------

     That's the overview of how to use NUA Attacker.  This can be most
useful when looking for PSNs, UNIXs, outdials, and shit like that.  Well,
now that you have this piece of shit, use it!  Relay anything great or
interesting you find to any P/H/A member.  Also, any bugs you find should
be sent to P/H/A also!


     (c)1990 (03/30/90) P/H/A Software Development Team.
     Written and Programmed by Doctor Dissector.
     Documentation Written by Dark Helmet.
     Special Thanx to the rest of P/H/A.

     P/H/A are:  Doctor Dissector, Dark Helmet, Killer Korean, and
                 Anonymous Anarchist.

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(c)1990 P/H/A (Phreakers/Hackers/Anarchists), Software Development Team